Struct clap::SubCommand [] [src]

pub struct SubCommand<'n, 'a> {
    // some fields omitted

The abstract representation of a command line subcommand used by the consumer of the library.

This struct is used by the library consumer and describes all the valid options of the subcommand for their program. SubCommands are treated like "sub apps" and contain all the same possibilities (such as their own arguments and subcommands).


               .about("Used for configuration")
                          .help("The configuration file to use")


impl<'n, 'a> SubCommand<'n, 'a>

fn with_name<'au, 'v, 'ab, 'u, 'h, 'ar>(name: &'ar str) -> App<'au, 'v, 'ab, 'u, 'h, 'ar>

Creates a new instance of a subcommand requiring a name. Will be displayed to the user when they print version or help and usage information.